Maximizer v12 is rated in the top 10 Worldwide CRM systems

Friday 10th May 2013

Maximizer is back on top!  New enhanced Maximizer CRM Version 12 offers ‘CRM Anywhere’ solutions for the way you work today. Yes, you can indeed ‘have it all’! Maximizer Saas in the cloud, on your desktop, smartphone, iPad, WiFi, Internet explorer and others.


Maximizer CRM 12 Winter 2013 Release: Global Market position: 7th overall an in first position for ‘All Access’ licensing!!

The Capterra software rating survey found that there are over 400 CRM solutions world-wide.  The study reviews overall market position. The survey team looked in detail at over 60 systems.  Maximizer CRM came out in 7th place. To get the full story go to . The systems that rated higher can be recognised by people with experience of the CRM industry as primarily corporate/cloud solutions. This result makes Maximizer the most highly rated 'out of the box' CRM product available for Windows PC's with on-premise servers as well as having a WiFi/web user interface for cloud, and includes smartphone access. This is Maximizer's unique 'All Access' licensing. We believe that this makes Maximizer ‘Number 1 for SME’s’. With over a million licenses sold and 120,000 organisations using Maximizer, we believe it is now confirmed as a wise longer term strategic choice. This of course means that when you submit a request to have the Maximizer solution for your team, it will be seen by Finance and Procurement staff as a safe investment.

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Capterra is a free resource for software buyers. There is a directory of 350+ software categories on the website ( A filtering tool allows you to narrow your search from hundreds of choices down to a short list of solutions that match your specific needs. Buying guides and user reviews help you make the right purchase decision. The right software can help you tremendously; the wrong software can be crippling. The business software industry has been around since the 1950s and, decade after decade, it has experienced the same two problems: 1. Low satisfaction rates: Companies often either buy the wrong software or mismanage what could have been the right software. Capterra was started in 1999 to address these problems. Our goal is to help organizations make smarter software purchases and to help software companies reach their customers more cost effectively.



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