Maximizer V12 Highlights

Monday 9th January 2012

Maximizer CRM V12 incorporates over 500 enhancements, many of them ‘under the bonnet’. As a user there are probably 10 to 15 items that will have a major impact on how you work every day. Here are the ‘highlight’ items:


  • Wizard-driven Dashboards with click through to detailed information allow managers to easily create and visualize key performance indicators.
  • Maximizer 12 now has formula-driven User-Defined Fields allow calculations from multiple fields for more robust profiling and reporting


  • Sales Quota Management for real-time insight into team, territory or individual performance.
  • Sales Opportunity Monitoring alerts sales managers and reps to changes in deal status.
  • Quick sales email templates that merge customer information enables efficient communication and follow-up.


  • Online access to full marketing campaign functionality, including tracking and robust reporting, enables marketing initiatives on the go (browser client).
  • Advanced marketing reports provide the insight for you to refine future campaigns and target more effectively.

Mobile CRM

  • Mobile CRM multi-user support allows collaboration on opportunities, assignment of tasks and escalation of cases.
  • Document viewing, editing and creation for improved remote productivity.
  • Mobile CRM support for video, voice and image capture and saving elevates the level of communications and information kept on record.
  • Map multiple customers to BlackBerry GPS and maps for turn-by-turn directions to plan your optimal day of appointments.

User Experience

  • Optimized usability through new and modern, yet familiar, intuitive Maximizer CRM interface.
  • Visual colour prioritization of clients, tasks, appointments and customer records makes it easy to quickly organize your information.
  • Firefox browser support for Windows, Mac, and Linux users for Web Access.
  • Support for SharePoint users to seamlessly look up Maximizer CRM data.
  • Enhanced Web Access platform, now including full marketing campaign management, action plans and document library.
  • HTML rich notes for easier viewing, (larger fonts?) formatting of records and hyperlinking to online information.
  • Improvements to SQL Express reducing impact of 4GB limitation that significantly increase capacity.
  • Streamlined centralized user, security, and group administration and enhanced user and group administration rights assignment.

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