Learning from CRM Success and Failure- White Paper Revised and Re-published

Monday 24th October 2016

JI Group has updated their original research paper on CRM success and failure. The original research was prompted by complaints that have been repeatedly made since the very beginnings of CRM. The repeated complaint is that CRM implementations were failing to deliver the expected benefit.  Fewer than 25% of companies were willing to say that they got good value from CRM. Many blamed poor software design. David Jefferson, Managing Director of JI Software, was a member of the Intellect (now techUK) CRM Software Study Group at the time. He was concerned that the alarmist reports published on the web were a distortion the real situation.

JI Software carried out research on why business-to-business CRM ( B-2-B ) projects were thought to have failed. Initial analysis of ‘off the record’ interviews indicated areas of weakness in change management as a prime cause for systems not delivering on their promises. Companies which openly blamed software failings were quietly confirming, without wishing to unfairly blame senior management, that projects were under-resourced, lacked leadership, lacked senior management backing/involvement and in some cases were based on an inappropriate software choice. Some admitted that they had expected CRM to be easy. Very few were willing to say face-to-face that the software itself had failed.

This white paper also includes guidance ( Six Stage Project Success Plan for CRM Projects)  on how to ensure success with CRM in B-2-B enterprise. The White Paper is published by JI Management Consultants (author, David Jefferson) and is available without charge: e-mail info@jisoftware.co.uk.

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