Maximizer in 'Top Ten' says Forrester Research

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Maximizer’s 'Global Number 1 CRM of Its Type'!
According to Forrester, Maximizer is in the Top Ten CRM group globally. (Forrester is one of the most respected software market assessment organisations in the world). Maximizer has also been 'Top Ten' on the software registry published by Capterra Inc. for the last 4 years. It is significant that the other nine products in the Forrester list are 'Big CRM' systems (e.g. Microsoft, SAP, SalesForce, Sage, Sugar etc.). By contrast, they are complex, very expensive to implement and require large development teams to keep them up to date. Maximizer is unique in this group for being manageable, quick to customise, quick to implement, intuitive, and designed for self-sufficient teams. This is how it comes to be Top Product of its CRM-type.
More significant is the assertion by Forrester that with 'bloated products' at the top, CRM market fragmentation is on the way (see summary below). Full report at:
Forrester also cautions that bigger is not necessarily better. I think that this reflects favourably on the points made in our White Paper: 'Less is More'. It may also point towards the problems many universities are having with user acceptance on 'BIG' CRM projects in Student Services.
A few universities are still attempting to do everything with a single one-size-fits-all CRM choice and we are keen to introduce our ‘lean’ approach wherever development turn-around times are becoming unmanageable. In the last 12 months I'm pleased to say, IT strategy people are more often talking about 'Mixed Estate' CRM strategies. This recognises that using Maximizer where appropriate complements the use of 'big CRM's and delivers a huge reduction in programming resource cost. Avoiding overly-complex solutions also has user productivity benefits. ‘Less’ complexity brings ‘More’ productivity.

Forrester Wave™ 25March2105: Excerpts from CRM Overview and Observations
The landscape of CRM solutions has matured and converged as a result of merger and acquisition activities. These vendors offer solutions replete with features and functions. Every vendor can just about tick every box.
1.1 The CRM Vendor Landscape Is Bloated.
In many cases, too many features, and high-complexity features, can be overkill for midsize organizations with lightweight needs
1.2 More is not better in the CRM market; sometimes it is worse.
Each of the leading vendors in this mature market offers a checklist of features and functions. Remember that more is not better; often, more is just more. In fact, when you don’t need, or can’t use, extra features, more is sometimes worse. CRM buyers must understand the market segmentation.
1.3 Large CRM vendors offer broader and deeper capabilities that bloat their footprint.
This increases their complexity with features that many users can’t leverage. At the same time, new point solution vendors are popping up at an unprecedented rate and delivering modern interfaces and mobile-first strategies that address specific business problems such as sales performance management, lead to revenue management, and digital customer experience.
1.4 Most companies make technology purchasing decisions in organizational silos.
This trend, accentuated by the rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) CRM may herald the end of the bloated CRM category.
1.5 Forrester predicts that CRM will fragment to better support end-to-end business processes.
We will see a deeper alignment between sales and marketing CRM to support lead to revenue management processes. Customer service CRM solutions will converge with workforce optimization, queuing, and routing technologies to better support the end customer and more effectively manage agent workloads.
1.6 The CRM landscape is ripe for change.
2. Maximizer Software Focus
2.1 Effectively supporting growth for small and the low-end of midsize organizations that rely on a full view of the customer across touch-points with a straightforward CRM.
2.2 Very strong support for mobile devices and offline access.
2.3 Maximizer also has a Student Services edition for higher education
More detail at:

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