David Jefferson: Points of view

Friday 12th February 2010

There's a new place to get ideas on the big issues about CRM.  David Jefferson is now offering timely tips on how you can get CRM to deliver value to your organisation. It is claimed that some 75% of CRM projects do not fulfill the expectations of top management. Clearly we still have a long way to go on our climb up the learning curve.  Why not visit the CRM blog and read on; or share your success secrets, or share your pain.

If you want simply successful CRM and you know that JI Software's Maximizer CRM is right for you then by all means contact us on +44(0)1234-214004). We'd love to hear if you are planning a CRM project. Or maybe you need help with Maximizer CRM?

If you want to get thoughts that are generic to CRM and not specific to any product then visit David Jefferson's Blog.  David has been active in CRM implementations over the last 20 years, helping hundreds of companies to use CRM to create business growth. You may also like to visit JI Management Consultants  for more information about consultancy support for any CRM implementation need.

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