JI Software Releases a CRM Design Whitepaper

Sunday 28th January 2018

JI Software release a CRM White Paper booklet as PDF:

This whitepaper was prepared to help explain why so many organisations have had such success with Maximizer (and in the case of universities the StudentRelate CRM package), use it willingly, and stay with it, (some for over 25 years!!) , even in the face of alternative CRM designs. Because the CRM marketplace is so confused with products having very different feature sets, strong/weak points, design investment priorities, it is clear that 'CRM' is not a normal uniform product classification. This makes it difficult for organisation planning to invest in CRM. We alse wanted to show why Maximizer should be shortlisted for certain CRM needs based on its unique design.

Our White Paper describes how Maximizer is different from other products in the 'Top Ten' grouping defined by Forrester Research. The flavour of this white paper however focuses on the needs of educational institutions, particularly universities because the appearance of CRM as a software product category is giving rise to a belief that the 'Best Product on the Market' could be expected to do everything an organisation would ever need. Consultants confirm that there is no CRM that does everything and large complex organisations may need a small number of different CRM designs to meet the needs of different types of user teams.

To request a copy of the full white paper for CRM in HE please click here

Executive Summary:

Highly intelligent and professionally qualified staff need a special kind of CRM. They need it to be less constraining, and less procedural, giving them scope to be more self-managing and more effective. An ‘enabling’ type of CRM delivers this.

Attempting to implement a call-centre-type CRM design to meet this need can be risky. Self-managing professionals are uncomfortable with ‘admin-drag’ slowing down their work. System failure can arise without warning when staff find ‘programmed-process’ CRM too much of a chore and as a result, data is not entered.

In the commercial sector and now in HE, organisations are recognising that the job, the person and how they naturally work, determines the degree to which a new CRM enhances working effectiveness. Until recently a one-size-fits-all CRM strategy has been seen as prudent, but no longer. We explain why our simpler CRM solutions deliver more.

StudentRelate is a customised CRM deployment implemented in Student Services in over 20 universities. It also used in many other departments as appropriate. It’s quick to implement. Fitting to each department is done by qualified consultants, trained super-users or resources from IT. In this white paper we explore the critical success factors which we hope will be helpful to others.


For more information on the StudentRelate/Maximizer product, please click here to download the StudentRelate Brochure


To request a copy of the full white paper for CRM in HE please click here

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