Chartered Institute of Marketing, 11 June 2009, Social Networks Converge with CRM

Thursday 11th June 2009

In the Croydon CIM seminar, Alan Rae ( AI Consultants ) set the context for CRM and SocNet convergence, David Jefferson ( JI Software ) spoke from the CRM position and Thomas Power (Ecademy) addressed the question of how social networking systems (SocNet's) were becoming commercially important as another tool for  Marketing/ PR professionals. Systems like Twitter and Facebook were fundamentally changing what the web means for all aspects of life; witness the success of Barack Obama!

David posed the key commercial question: 'Does success with SocNet campaigns come in the form of a profitable sale? Does this mean that the communication targets must somehow be 'acquired' by the lead-handling parts of the organisation's CRM system?'  From a hard-headed commercial point of view the answer must be 'Yes, but how?'. Doing this means changing people's ideas of SocNet and CRM as well as Web 2.0 

David proposed a series of basic marketing communication rules that must be part of any SocNet strategy. Fixing on an interesting (transmittable, viral??) description of any embedded commercial proposition is a start point. Narrowing the vocabulary of communications to key words selected for  Google Adwords campaign use is vital for the later harvesting of contacts awakened by SocNet awareness/goodwill creation.

How do SocNet's change the design of Web 2.0 and CRM/web implementations?  David pointed out that there is a real need to design a new kind of web-based, enquiry-receiving strategy to reap the CRM/sales benefit expected from creating increased awareness. There is a new imperative to move towards intimate interworking of website and CRM systems. They must become one harmonious entity. He commented that this was regularly being frustrated when companies received expensive 'web only' solution proposals from Web 2.0 suppliers which leave out CRM interworking. This is not a solution and neither for that matter is hosted CRM. JI Software however is ready to work in partnership with any web developer to deliver that harmonious whole. 

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