StudentRelate- CRM for HE

StudentRelateStudentRelate is a service management and casework application designed for HE teams providing services to students. It was originally used successfully for Student Services teams supporting students with disabilities. It is a customised service relationship administration solution designed to improve service quality and reduce cost. With different customisation packages it is used throughout Student Services departments in Universities and Further Education institutions. Since 1996 JI Software has been developing the capabilities of StudentRelate with the addition of specially developed add-on modules.

Functions Include:

  • Basic student data record 'card'
  • Student-at-a-glance quick reference screen
  • Student support budget management
  • Classroom support worker timetabling (manages thousands of individual classroom support appointments)
  • Data integration linkages with student registration systems (data feed module transferring data from registry)
  • Student opinion surveys
  • Relationship service history including notes and e-mails
  • Integration with Outlook 
  • Reporting, statistics and graphs

Where there are service relationships in which there is a duty of care component, there are vital compliance issues. Quality of service for students in HE and FE is covered by legislation. We start by working in partnership with each prospective user of the StudentRelate system to define how the relationships work. We define relationship processes that support the way staff work. StudentRelate supports the staff who make the relationships real. That is what our relationship administration system is all about.

Examples of this kind of need have existed for some time in the not-for-profit sector. Since 1996 JI Software has implemented StudentRelate in 16 universities. Student Services staff in these Universities use the StudentRelate system to create and maintain better relationships with disabled students. Because of the huge number of complexities in the needs of disabled students, support staff need access to more than paper files. There are also substantial analysis and reporting requirements with funding questions. Other types of analyses inform the planning and provision of future resources and services. One of the most significant benefits is being able to share information within Student Services and with with Faculty and other staff (detailed access control rules protect privacy)

The management of classroom support worker appointments is an increasingly complex problem. Fitting the availability and skills of the support worker to the timetabling patterns of many students is done by the StudentRelate timetabling module. The system caters for travel distance between lectures, non-uniform start times and lecture patterns that vary from week to week. Manual systems have been created to deal with this but begin to break down above 30 support workers and mistakes can be made. As the number of students needing classroom support nears 80 it often means empoying 2 staff and then paper and spreadsheets are no longer safe.

For drop-in clinics and other appointment-based work with students, there is a benefit from having a front-desk appointment management system with support staff availability shown in a simple columnar view. This also works for phone-in clinics. Students simply provide their registration numbers and appointments are booked with a few mouse clicks.

JI Software remains committed to the view that treating all students equally regardless of the complexities of need cannot be done with traditional paper systems. There have been many attempts to build 'bespoke' systems to apply IT to the task. So far, nothing matches StudentRelate in these areas and in productivity gain!

If you are in Student Services, it may useful to have a personal discussion of the issues that face your support staff. Please call Heather Legate on 01234-214004 to find out more about how StudentRelate could help. There is also more detailed information at

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