Maximizer CRM 2018


Welcome to the latest generation of Maximizer, further enhancing its world-leading position as the top product of its CRM design type; Intuitive, quick to deploy, easy to customise and offering all the basic relationship support processes and database ‘out-of-the-box’.

In your browser view, the Maximizer user interface feels like a complete desktop access point for all your relationship management needs; and it has complete integration to Word, Excel, and Outlook for e-mails. The PDF contains more detailed descriptions and includes a features table which allows you to see current functionality and discover how the functionality has increased in recent years.

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Maximizer CRM Options- ‘Your Cloud’ or ‘Our Cloud’

Since In the early days of using a browser to access the Maximizer application it was seen as an enhancement to the team as a work-anywhere solution. The emphasis was on mobility. But then things started to change as the IT resource managers started to look more closely at lifetime cost of ownership.

Now two more options become possible; a ‘Your Cloud’ solution hosted on your server or the server centre operator and data centre of your choice. For complete flexibility you can also avoid the management of servers and move to ‘Our Cloud’. The Maximizer CRM Live service is hosted on secure servers in the UK. 

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Maximizer CRM 2018- Compare Versions

Enhancements to Maximizer CRM 2018 compared earlier versions; time to upgrade?

  1. More secure password with upper and lower case characters
  2. Ability to work with your team’s hotlist tasks as well as your own
  3. Ability to change the dates on several tasks at the same time
  4. Multi user appointments on tablet and mobile
  5. Ability to save start-up preferences for mobile/tablet
  6. Better search and maps for mobile/tablet
  7. Additional Excel reports for Hotlist and Opportunity Pipeline
  8. Updated customer service module
  9. Better performance when creating lists for Campaigns
  10. Updated Outlook Add-on that now works from the Main Window in Outlook

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Maximizer Deployment Options for Existing Customers

From the beginning, over 30 years ago, Maximizer was always an on-premise software deployment giving you a local solution based in your own secure server room. In recent years it has become possible to add the option of an in-house cloud deployment. Everywhere this is seen as offering a considerably lower cost of ownership being less dependent on expensive desktop hardware, and the accompanying support costs. With Maximizer CRM 2018 the PC Windows edition has been dropped. In addition the mobility benefit continues where there is WiFi and separate user interfaces are available for Tablets, notebooks and Smartphones.  


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