Maximizer CRM 2018 Features

On Demand CRM; Meeting the needs of today's mobile workforce

Now each member of the team can select how they work remotely including options to have data synchronised to the PC for working when there are no suitable web or cellular services. For immediate access to the team's database a web browser is sufficient. Synchronising data to remote PCs need not be slow because MaxExchange only sends changes to the data and you can filter out the syncing of large files.

Other options include smart phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia etc. 2-way synchronisation of diaries through Microsoft Exchange Server is also an option.

  • Central diary management for mobile teams with immediate synchronising
  • Synchronise MaxExchange over Internet via FTP or WAN connect.
  • Full functionality web client offers anywhere access via browser
  • Executive Dashboard allows managers to stay in touch when out of the office


Mixed Outlook and Maximizer teams

Mixed teams of Outlook users and Maximizer users can now work together following the introduction of MaxSync for Microsoft Exchange.

  • With Outlook synchronisation access contacts/appointments via Blackberry etc.
  • Import contacts form Outlook without re-formatting or re-typing
  • Save e-mails from Outlook to Maximizer Enterprise for immediate sharing


Getting above the detail; Reporting to help executives manage

With more data about the customer interface and the individual sales opportunities, campaigns and service incidents, executives now have the option to see the bigger picture and drill down to understand the detail.

Workflow Automation; Action plans, assigned tasks and automated feedback

Gain competitive advantage by defining and automating critical business processes.

  • Identify tasks needing immediate attention
  • Ensure critical process never left unattended
  • Save staff resource through automating time-consuming manual processes
  • Action Plans allow staff to follow task sequence defined by best practice

IT Resource Imperative; High functionality, rapid deployment, low TCO

Deliver world class CRM to all areas of the business at a modest price for mid-market companies and divisions of large corporate enterprises with lower total cost of ownership than other options.

  • Easy deployment with Microsoft Systems Management Server
  • Reliable integration with Microsoft infrastructure and applications
  • Data security and visibility controls keep corporate data safe
  • 128 bit encryption at server and client levels

System requirements information for project planning and budgeting

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