History of JI Group

JI Management Consultants began as a practice working on leading-edge IT projects and IT Strategy. Clients then as today, were concerned to focus IT investments on bottom line contribution. The business was set up in 1985 with David Jefferson as Principal Consultant. Previous to this he had been doing management consultancy work in larger organisations like Unilever, Imperial Group, British Aerospace, and BP, and had been involved in a number of pioneering projects introducing IT into the sales function.

In 1990 JIMC acquired the UK rights to distribute the Maximizer system for contact management and sales force automation. JI Software was born! During this period JI Software developed awareness in the professional selling community that a PC and a database could increase sales productivity. The objective was to take Maximizer to market leadership.

In 1995 Maximizer was consistently in the top 3 contact management systems (alongside ACT and Goldmine) and regularly rated top contact management system. 

In 1996 JISoftware began dealing with larger organisations seeking to implement 100+ user Maximizer projects. Comapnies like British Aerospace, EMAP, BBC, and Salomons Bank were examples.

In 1997 JI Software ceased distributing Maximizer through resellers in Europe and focused their resources on the needs of major users of Maximizer.

In 1998 JI Software joined the Computing Services and Software Association and became active in their industry programmes.

In 2000 JIMC began undertaking corporate strategy and sales force transformation work independent of the choice of CRM system.

In 2001 JI Group expanded the range of skills available through a virtual organisation of quality-assured associates. This took the Group's capabilities into complementary areas like:

  • Sales Force Development and Training
  • Sales Methodologies
  • IT Infrastructure and multi-country deployment
  • Re-inventing the IT function and thin-client strategies

In 2002 JI Software became a founder-member of Intellect, the Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and Electronics Industries. JI Software's Managing Director, David Jefferson was a Founder-Director of Intellect and served on the board for 3 years.

In 2003 JI Software became involved in Community Work through the IT4Communities.org.uk project, designed to deal with a serious IT problem in not-for-profit organisations. The objective was to address the lack of IT knowledge which was making it difficult for charities to use IT effectively in their offices. The initiative was sponsored by Intellect, The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists, Business in the Community (Prince's Trust) and others. David Jefferson served on the steering group and was involved in the e-CRM elements of the system.

JI Software began undertaking Pro-Bono work for charities needing specialist network support. Our first project was with Victim Support in Bedfordshire.

In 2004 JI Software expanded the work it had been doing with universities serving the needs of the growing community of students with disabilities. JI's unique approach to relationship support and service quality has helped increase productivity in Student Services during a period of budgetary constraint.  The 'StudentRelate' brand was born!

In 2005 JI Software celebrated 15 years with Maximizer! With the evolution of the CRM markets JI Software has intorduced new customising services to meet changing customer requirements. JI Software has now been longer in the Sales and Relationship Management Systems business than most organisations currently trading in the CRM sector and as a result, brings a mature perspective to every customer-facing project.

In 2006 We announced first the upgrade of Maximzier to version 9.0 and then in August the further upgrade to 9.5. Our StudentRelate system for University Student Services published its full colour brochure in June, construction was started on a new StudentRelate website, and a new release of our Classroom Support Worker Timetabling system was launched.

In 2007 We were pleased to announce the arrival of Maximizer CRM 10 in November.

In 2009 Maximizer announced Version 10.5 Freedom  and a special co-marketing relationship with Blackberry based on the MaxMobile package designed for smart phones. JI became an advisor on deployment strategies for  'work anywhere' CRM.

In 2009 We implemented our StudentRelate system in our 14th university.

In 2010 JI Software accepted a challenge to launch a stakeholder relationship management system in the UK with the objective of achieving market leadership as quickly as possible.  StakeTracker is a stakeholder engagement system designed for use where large proposed projects are likely to have significant environmental and social impacts and the approval of a regulator is required.

In 2012 JI Software created significant brand awareness in the marketplace and the StakeTracker system is now in use for offshore windfarm projects in 4 of the largest energy companies operating in the UK.

As 2012 draws to a close JI Software is completing the implementation work on the StudentRelate system in the 15th and 16th universities. Our longest estblished team has been using the system continuously for over 15 years!

March 2103 JI Software introducing proprietary modules to the StudentRelate package following from the complete rewrite of the classroom support worker management system. This is now being enhanced to include the management of the payment slips and reports on student's use of budget, payments due to support workers and claims against funding bodies.

April 2013 JI Software released the Maximizer Click-to-Call module for dialing straight off the Maximizer toolbar.

MAY 2013  Also available to StudentRelate users, this cloud-based phone call management system clicking off the Maximizer tool bar. This offers incredibly low call rates and in addition, call recording and call review features to make sure that notes going into Maximizer are accurate.

October 2013- JI Software software implements their first HubSpot cloud service for major international hi-tech engineering firm. Hubspot monitors site traffic and assesses liklihood that a visitor is a potential customer based on the pages visited. Leads are then scored for possible downloading into Maximizer for conventional customer relationship development.

May 2014  JI Software opens new CRM conversation exploring CRM design types. After speaking to many CRM project teams who had been looking for 'the best CRM' JI Software published a white paper contrasting 2 major CRM types. Maximizer offers a complete working environment for relationship workers. It is an enabling CRM format, supporting the way office people normally work. The working interface is slick and quick with minimum mouse-clicks. This was contrasted with the very large and heavyweight designs which target large corporate deployments, offering programmed-process user interface building. These are primarily intended to constrain users to follow the corporate process. This white paper was aimed at the CRM Strategy groups of UK universities. 'CRE in HE, A new Perspective- Less is more'. Its argument is that for many kinds of work, staff just can't get on with programmed-process implementations just slow things down with too much process. Enabling/empowering CRM frees people up to be more productive. 'Less is More'

September 2014  JI-MC Consultant David Jefferson prepares CRM overview paper for NCC 'Realising the Benefits of CRM'. This is in the NCC Guidlines series, Volume 4- Number 7. It is published by The National Computing Centre. www.NCC.co.uk. Contact NCC for full copy. Some ot the ideas challenge the way CRM projects have failed the users. Ther is also a look to the future of socoal media and Inbound Marketing concepts.

March 2015 JI Software is the prime installer of StudentRelate CRM projects for universities. The team complete the implementation of a CRM system for City University in London. It is a proprietary StudentRelate customisation and implementation methodology. The City project was designed to support staff with a 'service management' role supplying services to students with disabilities. This brings the total of StudenrRelate sites to 20. (Visit www.studentrelate.co.uk for more.)

September 2015- JI Software begins evaluation of ACT-on following excellent Forrester review. The cloud based service locks into web visitor 'behaviour' and builds a digital body language profile. Visitors are then scored for downloading to Maximizer.

October 2015- JI Software announces arrival of Maximizer CRM 2016

February 2016- JIGroup/JI Software move to new larger offices in the Kings House complex on Ampthill Road, Bedford

October 2016- JI Software announces the arrival of Maximizer CRM 2017

October 2017- JI Software announces the arrival of Maximizer CRM 2018- Now with new interface for browser access only.

March 2018- JI Software announce the sales and support service for a video interviewing cloud service enabling interviewee and interviewer to work over the web. We believe that this is the future for all employmant and placement organisations as it removes the constraints of time and geography.

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