About JI Software

JI Software Maximizer CRM specialist with 25 years of implementation experience. We focus on leading-edge computing and communications applications Sales Systems, customer interface and Microsoft network products. We offer objective advice, innovative solutions, and professional support. Our developers work with customers needing line of business bespoke modules for new processes to add functionality to Maximizer.

Our consulting services are designed to address the support needs which arise from 'mission-critical' CRM systems.  We have developed the popular StudentRelate system for Higher Education as a special case of academic CRM for Student Services, one-stop-shop and front-of-house implementations.

We recently launched off-the-tool bar telephony services for Maximizer. This Maximizer add-on is called Maximizer Click-to-call. This module gets round the problem of integrating with switches that are not fully TAPI complaint or cannot integrate with the Maximizer API. The benefit is lower cost calling, faster slicker calling of large numbers of calls.

To help customers address issues like CRM implementation strategy and project management, we use qualified consultancy resources from our JI Group consulting practice JI Management Consultants  (visit www.ji-mc.co.uk).

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help you to achieve success with CRM by shaping Maximizer to the way you work, supporting your staff on the CRM learning journey all the way, and helping you stay current in a changing world. We provide CRM consultancy, sales process and methodology set-up, customisation of your CRM processes, Maximizer Workshops, adding extra bespoke modules using our proprietary rapid-development tools, or through tailored Maximizer training. For more information or to find out how JI Software can help you with your CRM solutions, please fill out a Maximizer training.contact form, or call (01234) 214004.?


David Jefferson,
Managing Director of JI Software

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