CRM Customisation and Integration

Maximizer CRM Integration

Product Inter-working
Sometimes a small number of functions required by the users are best performed in an independent package. Links are established for inter-working purposes. If required, JI Software will build the suite as an inter-working package. Examples might be fax, e-mail, Help Desk. If you have purchased compatible products we will establish the necessary linkages between your products and Maximizer.

Integrators Toolkit
The Maximizer Integrators Toolkit is a set of products used by our consultants to deliver on special client requirements. The Toolkit provides the software drivers, instructions and code examples to create and customise enhancement products for Maximizer and Maximizer Enterprise. With these tools we can set up links to other Windows applications using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) automation.

CRM Customisation and Software Development

Customising Maximizer's User Interface
When the standard functions of the Maximizer product are close to user requirements, we will advise on the suitability of modifications using the standard Maximizer customising options.

Adding New Business Process Windows- (software development to users' specifications)
We use rapid development software tools to build new windows for specific processes. These interwork with Maximizer data tables. Examples include equipment register database, services/product sales, order-taking and invoice creation, equipment maintenance history.

SQL Server Applications
Transferring data into and out of Maximizer at the SQL level requires a special level of understanding of the Maximizer database and a thorough understanding of use of intermediate tables for interfacing between applications. This is bespoke work and different r for each client. Please give us a call and we'll explore what you want to do.

Maximizer Companion Application Development
It is common that users need a data function to be performed with a small number of mouse-clicks or in a predictable way. Our experts will develop bespoke application software modules integrated with Maximizer so that their actions and data appear to be part of the Maximizer user interface and their data is stored on the Maximizer database. These modules can be browser based. An example is timetable management for contacts in Maximizer. We also develop new software applicaiotions running under Windows.

Web Sites and Portals
We have over 20 years experience in building web-sites and CRM portals. These are designed for handling data intereface processes needing remote access.

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