CRM Services

At JI Software we are committed to helping you get maximum value from your system investments. We know there is more to a successful CRM implementation than the software that's in the box.

At JI Software we recognise that your organisation is unique and special. We respect your ways of working, we listen to your concerns, and offer flexible service packages designed to suit your priorities. We are committed to being absolutely clear about what we have to offer and how it will benefit you.

CRM Consultants

Our CRM consultants are experienced in both using and implementing CRM systems. We will ensure you end up with a customised CRM product for your specific industry and business that can be used from the start, and we will help with any CRM training requriements.

CRM Readiness

We believe that CRM thinking should start with the customer. We believe that a high proportion of CRM projects that eventually fail started with a systems search.

Our CRM readiness consultancy package is based on a workshop approach to guiding senior management through the pre-project issues so that a proper business context can be given to guide and shape the implementation of CRM where needed. Our starter question is: 'How can we enhance the customer interface at each touch-point so we become their favourite first call?.......  and they tell their friends?' 

We believe that although every CRM vendor would claim to have a system that helps engage customers, create comfort, encourage confidence, enhance your brand, improve retention, increase repeat purchase, raise service quality and loyalty, when the software money is spent the customer perceives very little difference, sometimes a slight improvement, sometimes a slight degradation.

Our consultatancy process helps senior management take ownership of CRM and mould it to their business purpose.

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