Creating a Sales Pipeline

Why have a sales pipeline? All you really need to do is manage your sales relationships and the deals will look after themselves. Won't they? (...but we might use a spreadsheet to add up some summarised values... Mightn't we?)

If that view of sales life is not good enough for you, are you in need of better measures of where you are in each and every deal/negotiation? Do you know what the critical success factors are and does your relationship owner have a strategy for closing the business? How can a Sales Manager/Director coach team members on closing strategies that work? How could you capture best practice from star performers and turn it into standard procedure?

Would you find it useful to have a summary of gross value on all active sales opportunities, by salesman, by region, by product group, by 'other'? Would you like a measure of goodwill 'value' invested in your opportunities? Would it help to be able to say how probable sales compares to gross opportunity value?

If this is where you are in your journey towards more professional selling processes, then perhaps the opportunity pipeline is the next logical step for your organisation. Why not give JI a call? Lets talk about what you want to achieve. We can quickly establish how sales opportunity management and pipeline concepts could help your business grow more predictably and probably faster.

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