Building a More Effective CRM Culture

JI Software has been working with clients on developing sales skills, sales cycle processes and traditional Maximizer training for over 20 years. We are now offering Cultural Development initiatives in the customer-facing areas. One of our CRM consultants, has been developing new tools to strengthen our approach to this important issue. We are identifying the cultural parameters that create great customer relationships. We are using well established measurement and questionnaire methods but based on a client-specific issues focus.

David Jefferson said, 'Some time ago, we became concerned about CRM project failure stories in the press, and decided to do our own research. Initially was very difficult to find any detailed analysis of what went wrong; then we met some people who were willing to talk, but off the record. We stopped looking at CRM system functionality and started to look at the people issues.'

'We found that change management, user involvement, lack of management commitment, pointed the way towards the management of the CRM project.' said David. 'But then came the breakthrough. It happened by talking to successful companies rather than talking about failed projects. We found people saying that the key to success was actually the business culture of the customer facing staff and the expectations of the customers themselves. The customer experience is driven by the way customers are treated and this doesn't necessarily change when a new CRM system is installed.'

The key is a customer-facing cultural shift lead by management, and JI Group now offer support to this process as a component of their Successful CRM Deployment Methodology.

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