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Welcome to Maximizer CRM specialists, JI Software. Our Maximizer Consultants, Installers, Developers, Trainers, Technical Support and HelpDesk staff  are all trained to help you get the best possible value form your investments in Maximizer. Consultants are experienced managers of Maximizer CRM implementation projects in all manner of organisations. Maximizer Training is available on customer sites based on set teaching curricula for Basic, Advanced, and Application Administrator needs.

Maximizer software information and downloads are provided under the 'Products' tab (above). For the latest information on the Maximizer CRM 2016 release, please call +44(0) 1234-214004.  For users with Software Assurance the latest release is available to download now.

JI Software is the UK's longest established Maximizer CRM resource centre and technical support service.

The Maximizer UK product launch and introduction to UK companies in 1990 was managed by JI Software. Since then we have helped thousands of companies to grow through the results of using the Maximizer software package. JI Software is accredited as an 'Elite Level' Certified Maximizer Solution Provider.

What can Maximizer CRM do for you?

What everyone at your customer interface needs is simple contact management, some personal time management, automated follow-up call reminders, and a sales pipeline. Most of all your CRM software must provide staff with an easy-to-use screen interface that is truly 'intuitive'. So if you are in a hurry to get started on a limited budget our 'Maximizer Live' cloud-based CRM service is the ideal choice. This is an affordable solution for a small company just getting started with CRM. You can move up to a full LAN or 'Your Cloud' CRM solution at any time.

If you are looking at CRM for SME solutions, the start point is Maximizer Group Edition (up to 10 users). From there it's an easy step up as your team and database grow. For larger deployments and for companies moving from other CRM solutions to something more user-friendly Maximizer Enterprise Edition (unlimited users, unlimited databases) is the place to start. Maximizer Enterprise is the next step up, designed for larger corporate CRM projects. Give us a call now on +44(0)1234-214004  and get started today.



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